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Laura Shaw Photography

I am Andrew Shaw aka The Fitness Gentleman, Health Coach from London, England.


I firmly believe that by being fitter and healthier you will improve the quality and happiness of your life.

I love to motivate people to help them achieve improved health. By providing knowledge and guidance that will not only improve your health but have you looking and feeling great too.

The reason I will never stop sharing and educating is from my own experience of nearly losing my father to heart disease. Brought about by a negative lifestyle which meant he had to have life-saving heart surgery. This was very scary as I child, the possibility of losing a parent, and it was the genesis for me taking up a vocation where I could help people improve their health and fitness. Not only for themselves, but for their family too.

Laura Shaw Photography

What I can do for you

I have the knowledge, the experience, the passion, and I absolutely love helping other professionals like you or your workforce, optimize their health and fitness.

I speak, teach, and provide tools that can help you and/or your company get fitter and healthier.

If you need health and wellbeing solutions for your company or you are looking for a speaker for your event, you can email me, chat with me on social media, or fill the form at the bottom of the page.


Speaking Events & Conferences

Guest speaking to businesses, schools and charities on how to improve staff members health and wellbeing.

Health & Fitness Consulting

Contacted to deliver training, seminars and working groups for companies with the objective of improving the health and wellbeing of their staff.


Speaking to specialists in the health and fitness industry for my podcast. From Neuroscientists to Sleep Doctors. Founders of International Nutrition Societies to Exercise Professors.


N.L.P. Practitioner

I encourage clients to transform limiting self-beliefs and move out of their comfort zones. Breaking barriers and taking chances only helps to develop a fuller, happier and infinitely more satisfying life.

Personal Trainer

Creating customized exercise programs designed to help you reach your unique health and fitness goals. Helping you select activities that you enjoy, and also choose exercises that will keep you challenged and on track towards reaching your fitness goals.


Working with people to teach them more about general nutrition, food and health. With a focus is on food behavior. This includes working with individuals to devise and implement meal plans that improve the individual’s nutrition.


Health Coach

The Fitness Gentleman 2018 – Present

Working as a Health Coach with people on a one to one basis and on a contractual basis with companies to deliver health & wellbeing programs to their staff.

Health & Fitness Consultant

Schlumberger 2018 – Present

Delivering inductions and one to one consultations to staff members along with planning events and seminars on health and fitness.

Personal Trainer

Virgin Active/Nuffield Health 2012 – 2018

Creating one-on-one fitness programmes for clients, motivating and guiding them to achieve their goals of losing weight, gaining muscle or both. Teaching and helping them to exercise properly using workouts and specific plans.

Health and Wellbeing Physiologist

2016 – 2018 Virgin Active/Nuffield Health

Delivering health assessments to members at health clubs. tailoring personalised programmes to help motivate necessary lifestyle and behavioural change.