You make the decision

Good moaning Friend,

Answer me this, and be honest with yourself. Is the best version of you is being kept at bay by your habits? Is your lifestyle doing you a disservice? Are you longing for a change?

Are you stuck in a rut? On a negative trajectory with your health and fitness, always feeling lethargic? Stuck in the monotony of life doing the same thing over and over, not progressing. Getting fatter, unhealthier, and dreading your next medical?

Do you see other guys in great shape seemingly effortlessly? Watching them engage in public displays of affection with their other halves.


I know, it’s a real papercut! But fret not! All this can be remedied.

I know what you’re thinking, those guys are not me, they live a different life. They have the time, I don’t.

What if I told you that the guys I work with were of exactly the same mindset. They didn’t believe it was possible. But to quote Nelson Mandela…

‘It always seems impossible until it’s done.’

These guys were no different to you. They knew they needed to change. They could feel their energy draining, their vitality slipping away.

Their problem was that they didn’t have a plan (like Alice in Wonderland asking the cat for directions, but not knowing where she was going).

That was until they took action. They made the decision to change. They committed to getting the most out of life before shuffling off this mortal coil. They took control and realized what I’m about to tell you now. Your health, your performance, your work-life balance… 

…starts with you!

It starts with you implementing self-discipline, managing your time. Saying no to the irrelevant and distractions. Blocking out family time, gym time, time for yourself, as you would a work meeting.

‘Ok Andrew I hear you, but where do I start with all this?’ You ask.

Well, to give you a plan going forward I have upgraded my free guide.

The Gentleman’s Guide to Vitality

In it, you’ll find:

*Diet tips for weight management and supporting testosterone levels
*Workout plans to improve body composition and reduce insulin resistance
*Sleep guidance to guard against testosterone decrease
*Stress management to reduce cortisol levels

Click here to download 

Start implementing the things in the guide and I promise you that you’ll be in a better position with your energy, productivity, and happiness.

But if you need some more support, someone to work it out for you, connect the dots, expedite the process and keep you accountable…

You don’t build confidence!

‘That would be great. I would love to do that Andrew but I don’t have the confidence.’

‘You do’. I told him. ‘The confidence is there. You only need to remove the layers of insecurity that are suppressing it.’

‘It is there inside you. It’s a case of stripping away the negative narrative about your health, appearance, and future.’

‘That’s what we are going to be working on. Removing those limiting beliefs with physical and mindset changes.’

I could see the light bulb turn on. I could hear the cogs whirring. What I had said had landed. All of a sudden, James had switched on. What a great initial consultation we had.

James was no different from the other guys who I’ve worked with on The Limitless Lifestyle Blueprint.

Unfulfilled in their career because they are underproducing (due to low energy levels). 

Not progressing to the next level promotion that they have been working towards for the past 5 years. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 

Unconfident in their body and their intimacy with their partner has dropped off.

Stuck because they have been wasting thousands of dollars and hours on quick fixes. And they are still in the exact same spot as they were 5 years ago. 

Except worse off because they are 5 years older. 

This is why signing up to The Limitless lifestyle Blueprint and going through the modules of change, is beneficial. Because what you are paying for is time.  

Time saved from not following bad advice.  

Time saved from expediting the outcome. 

Time accrued from stacking years on to your life. 

Time back with your family because you are present and have balance.

For more information on how The Limitless Lifestyle Blueprint can help you click here.

Health and wellbeing talk

Through the sea of raised hands, I could see the food. 

It looked amazing, pigs in blankets, goujons, samosas. All beautifully presented by the waiting staff on silver platters.

I was salivating and I could hear my stomach grumbling. I kept having to swallow before answering a question. And make sure the mic wasn’t picking up my grumbling tummy.

The food had been sat there for some time, it felt like hours. It had to be cold. But that wasn’t going to stop me. As soon as the Q& A session was over I had visions of swan diving into the middle of the banquet.

I couldn’t be the only one who was ready to eat and yet still the questions kept coming;

‘You know the slide where you had the person’s metabolic rate…’

‘What is the most effective way I could calculate…’

‘Which means of tracking do you use…’

‘You know the machines in Boots the pharmacy…’

‘My Fitbit says that I…’

And then it was over. The last question was answered. Yes, food time.

But I had celebrated early I could see a queue forming. People who wanted to ask me a question that they didn’t feel comfortable asking in front of the group.

I get it, they might feel that they are asking a silly question. And don’t want to look silly in from of their work colleagues.

Or it was something personal that they didn’t want to share with the rest of the company.

All manner of weird and wonderful questions I fielded. The hunger sensation was suppressed. I was full of the feeling of satisfaction you get when you help someone to understand something.

The last person in the queue was the company director. “Andrew that was fantastic.” He said with a big smile.

“You kept 50 hungry people so engaged that they didn’t even notice the food come out”.

“You must be hungry yourself, go and grab yourself some food and meet me at the bar”

‘Finally, some food’, said the voice in my head in a Gordon Ramsey accent.

Or so I thought. I stood there overlooking the spread in disbelief. The staff members had ripped through the buffet like locus through a crop field. 

Good job the hunger (Ghrelin wave) had passed. So I headed over to the bar to meet up with the Company Director. 

“Andrew” The Director greeted me. “Let me introduce you to Phil. Phil runs a finance company”.

“That was great, how do I get you to come and deliver that seminar to my staff they would love that”. Phil said.

And that is how it started! That is how I ended up on the circuit (so to speak). A favour for a friend that turned into an opportunity to talk to businesses all over.

And Jesus have I missed it. Webinars have been nice and all but it’s not the same as going into offices and meeting people. Having that connection in a live face-to-face setting.

And I’m excited about this semblance of normality returning. Now that people are going back to the workplace.

Email me for more info on a Health and Well-being talks from yours truly

Keep the momentum going!

The most common questions I get asked are; ‘How do you keep it going’, ‘how do you stay motivated?’, ‘how do you get to the gym X amount of times a week?’ and ‘how do you stick to your diet?’

When people lack motivation I usually find it’s because what they’re doing on their quest for health and fitness is not enjoyable!

If your exercise plan or diet isn’t right for you then you’re going to hate it, of course, you’re going to struggle to stick to it. If I was doing some awful prescribed method that I wasn’t enjoying because I didn’t know any better, I’d last not very long before I’d quit.

One of the most important questions I ask my clients is ‘how often can you exercise?’ and ‘what do you like doing?’ I know that this is hugely important because if they like it, they will stick to it. Swimming, CrossFit, resistance training, yoga even power walking; these are all options people enjoy and if it gets them moving then great.

And a frequency they can realistically keep to removes the overreaching problem where you can’t realistically keep up with a cookie-cutter exercise routine.

Yes, there are exercises that I am going to recommend that they should factor in that are going to be optimal for improving body composition. These can be a small part of someone’s exercise regime, but you have got to enjoy it overall. Which means you will keep it going.

And there lies the secret sauce, adherence!

It is the same with diet, if I tell you it’s chicken and broccoli for the rest of your days, you’re going to say ‘Andy it is time for you to piss off!’ This is why food plans are futile. You’ve cultivated your diet over years, and you eat at the times convenient to you. To completely overhaul your diet is ludicrous! You won’t last very long before you are back eating your normal diet.

I have had clients tell me that they had done a certain personal trainer’s (let’s call him Joe) diet plan and they lasted just a couple of weeks. Because ‘prepping like a boss’ and ‘eating clean’ is a complete overhaul and miles away from their normal diet. And irrelevant for when it comes to getting in shape. No wonder only 10% of the people that purchase his plan complete it!

So when you’re thinking about exercise and diet think about the stuff that you enjoy and you won’t need motivation, you’ll be happy to do it!

Adapt and overcome

Ever had one of those times where you felt a little overwhelmed? I was in that spot last week. Increased workload and extra family commitments had left me in a bit of a spin. However, these things are par for the course. I know that change is the only constant.

And I’m aware that life will challenge you to do the things you need to do especially when it comes to staying on top of your health and fitness. And last week was more challenging than normal for me.

Recognizing this needs to be addressed. Here is how I adapt to stay on top of exercise and diet during these challenging times. I’ve changed my training program from 5 to 4 sessions per week for the foreseeable future. This will be inconsequential in the grand scheme of things. And I can go back up to 5 in the future.

Convenience meals have been added to the weekly meals to aid in the tracking of food and reduce cooking time. It’s amazing what tasty, nutrient-dense meals you can get for under 400 calories these days.

Getting outside when weather permits. Getting in that vitamin D where possible. This could be whilst taking calls or eating meals alfresco.

Breaking down tasks. A lot of overwhelm comes from logging tasks and jobs I have to do. Looking at them in their entirety will result in shut down so I break them up and do small manageable parts and do a bit each day. 

Another thing is not to have them in my head. I have to get them out of there and free up some thinking space rather than having to do’s reverberating around paralyzing action. For this I have a to-do list on my phone. (If you write them down on post-it notes and other places I  suggest you merge them all into one place). This transference of getting it out of your head onto paper will clear your mind of noise and aid focus.

Those things combined with copious amounts of coffee. Bear in mind you want a cut-off for your caffeine. Otherwise, sleep will be affected then you are going to compound issues.

This is why it is paramount to have a plan that is flexible for keeping on top of your health and fitness. If you would like a no-obligation 15-minute chat about how to improve yours click here

Habits trump Motivation!

Another kilo down and one closer to my goal of 100kg lost. This is over the 7 years of self experimentation with weight loss and gain. I’ve has some people ask.

‘How are you staying motivated over this period?’

I’m going to let you in on something, I’m not! I’m not reliant on motivation! It’s not a concept I use or need.

I know that if you are reliant on motivation then you will struggle with consistency! That’s why I don’t rely on motivation, I rely on self discipline created by my routine!

Lots of people have more time afforded to them at the moment. Yet they aren’t exercising/doing workouts or keeping on top of their diet. Because their motivation is low, due to the current climate.

I’m not relishing all the workouts I’m doing, but I know they are beneficial to me. They are a positive action for the future me. Plus a good example to the younglings.

So I know I should be doing them. And I’m getting them done out of habit, not motivation. I’m getting fitter and stronger with time. Rather than the reverse, which is the general consensus.

It’s like investing/saving money. No immediate gratification now, but in the future, the money will compound. It’ll add up to a nice amount in your account. I put in place things that will keep those habits going. Setting a reminder at certain frequencies to invest and save money. Just like I set a reminder/time in my diary to workout.

These things make sure what I need to do gets done. They ensure it happens and these actions add up to a big return over time.

Think of your exercise sessions and food choices as investments in your health. Accruing over time to see you get fitter, stronger, healthier, happier.

Simplicity is the key!

Thinking you have to be perfect will be your undoing! Being consistently good is far better than inconsistently perfect!

It’s amazing how people give it the beans with their health and fitness drive only to fade like a cheap battery. Be it a new year’s resolution or the easing of lockdown procedures that sees a new fitness pursuit. It’s quite astounding how people go about it.

Sipping on BCAAs whilst trying to get in 7 gym sessions a week. Along with keeping up 10,000 steps and meal timing. The only meal allowed being kale and chicken and it has to be before 6 pm.

These directives constructed from some half-baked fitness claim from someone. Or derived from an article from a Men’s Health.

This is not the only magazine that sensationalizes everything. They have to. How else are they going to keep subscription rates up? Not by telling people that there is only one way to lose body fat (and it’s not a workout before you ask!) That would be boring. And why let the truth get in the way of a good story, the editors are thinking.

If you cut back all the crap they would only need a couple of pages that you would need to follow to get in shape. Not the myriad of over-complicated regimes. Nor conflicting articles surrounding muscle growth and fat loss.

And there would be no need for the celebrity on the front cover whose Personal Trainer has got them to do some resistance training. Achieve a caloric deficit and get enough protein in their diet. No – they need to let you know about their latest hack that has ‘rebuilt their body’. Christ on a bike!

Look past the lighting, the airbrushing – the dehydration and the filter. – that cover model doesn’t look like that in real life. You only need a couple of things to get the body you are after! Keep it simple and consistent and you’re good!

Muscle confusion

Many moons ago when working in the gym I would always speak to members. Exchanging pleasantries and ask what they are doing and how their training is going.

From their response, I could deduce a lot; the efficacy of their training programming. Their level of understanding of exercise physiology, and a heap of other things.
when people would say:

‘Yes training is good, I’m trying to confuse the muscles as much as I can’

I knew that they were a newbie to weight training and their understanding of how we grow muscle was not there.

The reason being is that you can’t confuse contractile tissue [muscle].

Many gym-goers switch up their training programs. To the point, where they’re doing a different workout each time. The rationale for this is down to some idiot out there putting out the concept of ‘muscle confusion’.

The premise being; confusing the muscle, preventing it from adapting to the training.
First, you can’t confuse contractile tissue!⁣ Second, adaptation is not undesirable!

Adaptation is the very goal of a training program. By applying stress on a muscle in the form of mechanical tension, we cause it to adapt to that stress. Making itself bigger and stronger. ⁣

Recent studies this year have shown that muscle confusion does not work. When a group of men trained for progressive overload [increasing strength over time].

Compared to another group of men applying ‘muscle confusion’ [rotating through different workouts. The ‘confused muscle’ men didn’t gain more muscle!

The bottom line, have a good training program and stick to that. Don’t you be confused about what to do in the gym for building muscle.