Habits trump Motivation!

Another kilo down and one closer to my goal of 100kg lost. This is over the 7 years of self experimentation with weight loss and gain. I’ve has some people ask.

‘How are you staying motivated over this period?’

I’m going to let you in on something, I’m not! I’m not reliant on motivation! It’s not a concept I use or need.

I know that if you are reliant on motivation then you will struggle with consistency! That’s why I don’t rely on motivation, I rely on self discipline created by my routine!

Lots of people have more time afforded to them at the moment. Yet they aren’t exercising/doing workouts or keeping on top of their diet. Because their motivation is low, due to the current climate.

I’m not relishing all the workouts I’m doing, but I know they are beneficial to me. They are a positive action for the future me. Plus a good example to the younglings.

So I know I should be doing them. And I’m getting them done out of habit, not motivation. I’m getting fitter and stronger with time. Rather than the reverse, which is the general consensus.

It’s like investing/saving money. No immediate gratification now, but in the future, the money will compound. It’ll add up to a nice amount in your account. I put in place things that will keep those habits going. Setting a reminder at certain frequencies to invest and save money. Just like I set a reminder/time in my diary to workout.

These things make sure what I need to do gets done. They ensure it happens and these actions add up to a big return over time.

Think of your exercise sessions and food choices as investments in your health. Accruing over time to see you get fitter, stronger, healthier, happier.

Muscle confusion

Many moons ago when working in the gym I would always speak to members. Exchanging pleasantries and ask what they are doing and how their training is going.

From their response, I could deduce a lot; the efficacy of their training programming. Their level of understanding of exercise physiology, and a heap of other things.
when people would say:

‘Yes training is good, I’m trying to confuse the muscles as much as I can’

I knew that they were a newbie to weight training and their understanding of how we grow muscle was not there.

The reason being is that you can’t confuse contractile tissue [muscle].

Many gym-goers switch up their training programs. To the point, where they’re doing a different workout each time. The rationale for this is down to some idiot out there putting out the concept of ‘muscle confusion’.

The premise being; confusing the muscle, preventing it from adapting to the training.
First, you can’t confuse contractile tissue!⁣ Second, adaptation is not undesirable!

Adaptation is the very goal of a training program. By applying stress on a muscle in the form of mechanical tension, we cause it to adapt to that stress. Making itself bigger and stronger. ⁣

Recent studies this year have shown that muscle confusion does not work. When a group of men trained for progressive overload [increasing strength over time].

Compared to another group of men applying ‘muscle confusion’ [rotating through different workouts. The ‘confused muscle’ men didn’t gain more muscle!

The bottom line, have a good training program and stick to that. Don’t you be confused about what to do in the gym for building muscle.