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Ignorance is bliss

This week my wife surprised me with a birthday outing. A meal at one of my favourite steak houses, Hawksmoor. The service and ambiance only bettered by the steak they serve. Delectable enough to convert any vegan. We arrived and were seated at our table. The server asked if we would like menus with calories … Continue reading Ignorance is bliss

How to get fitter.

One of the most important books I’ve read is Atomic Habits by James Clear. It cemented the benefits of having a daily routine. And how important our habits are. For example, so many people say things like: “I want to have more money”, “I want to lose weight” or “gain some kind of result.” The … Continue reading How to get fitter.

You choose.

Every day we make approximately 35,000 decisions Decisions like: ‘how should I respond to this email’. ‘should I order this meal or this meal’. ‘do I go or not’. These decisions range from the inconsequential to the very important. But what we misinterpret is the severity of these ‘inconsequential’ decisions over time. Those decisions by … Continue reading You choose.

You vs The Monkey

Most guys know what to do but aren’t doing it. This is why your health and fitness isn’t an information problem, it’s an implementation problem. This means it’s less about the method and more about the mindset. What you need to realize is, that making a transformation, one that will have you looking and feeling … Continue reading You vs The Monkey

How to build motivation

When I talk to people about High Performance, sometimes the word “motivation” comes up. “I’ve tried all kinds of diets and fitness regimens,” they might say. Shortly followed by “but I can never seem to keep up the motivation.” The reality is High Performance has nothing to do with motivation. It’s definitely not the magic … Continue reading How to build motivation

How to improve your energy, confidence & performance.

When we look past the superficial of aesthetics or leanness – is when when we get to the root of our desires. Going beyond the norms of what society tells us we want, to find our true reason to improve our health and wellbeing. Which is why want energy, confidence and better performance. And this … Continue reading How to improve your energy, confidence & performance.

The proficient man’s creed

How you can improve productivity, increase focus and reduce stress. Through a very simple practice called compartmentalization. It may sound fancy and complicated but it’s simple. Simple and effective. Distraction and loss of concentration are very costly. They drain our time and energy from switching from task to task. If you’re thinking that you’re a … Continue reading The proficient man’s creed

The internet, junk food and your brain

Everyday occurrences in our lives right? Well, maybe not every day with junk food. But what you may not know is that these seamlessly benign things are Supernormal stimuli. Which is a fake stimulus so powerful that we actually prefer it to the real thing! Nobel Prize winner Nikolaas Tinbergen discovered this in his observations … Continue reading The internet, junk food and your brain

Information overload

When it comes to being at your mental and physical best you don’t need more information. What you need is implementation! There is an abundance of information out there but when you have no clue about how you integrate this information into your lifestyle, it then becomes moot. You might as well have not read … Continue reading Information overload

Swerve the burnout!

Contrary to popular belief, going at it hammer and tongue is not how you improve your performance. It’s actually in the recovery where you grow/ improve. So if you’ve ever heard the phrase ‘you’re only as good as your recovery’ it’s one that holds water! Let me explain. You’ll have as baseline performance level. And … Continue reading Swerve the burnout!

The invisible hand that guides you.

When it comes to a healthy way of living the Mediterranean’s always seem to get a mention. They are renowned for their longevity and wellbeing. Many attribute their diet to the reason behind this. Although over the years I’ve come up with a hypothesis. The premise is that it’s more to do with their geography … Continue reading The invisible hand that guides you.

Single player game

Most people are playing a multiplayer game. Comparing and contrasting against others. ‘What have they got?’ ‘I should have that too’ ‘I need to better them’ If you want to progress what it would be prudent to realise is; You’re playing against yourself! No one else. The people that progress in their lives are playing … Continue reading Single player game

The bet.

How’s it all going with your health and fitness drive? Whatever your reason behind it. Maybe it’s your self-confidence; you’re not over enamoured with what you see when you look in the mirror. Maybe it’s stemmed from you getting dressed in the morning and thinking to yourself ‘hmm this top wasn’t this tight before Christmas.’  … Continue reading The bet.

The secret to happiness

We must keep growing! Everything in life either grows or dies, relationships, businesses, and anything else. If you don’t keep growing you’ll become frustrated and miserable no matter how much money you have in the bank (or rather invested in stocks and shares). So the secret to happiness, according to Andrew, can be summed up … Continue reading The secret to happiness

The weigh in

On your weight loss journey, there are many ways to keep tabs on your progress. If you’re going to be stepping on the scales to gauge your progress keep reading, I’ll tell you how to do it so you get it right! Firstly, stop weighing yourself at every possible opportunity. After a workout at the … Continue reading The weigh in

Look! Something shiny!

Have you ever thought about having a super power?? I’m sure you have (mine would be the invisibility one). But what if I told you that you could actually have a superpower?! What I’m getting at is in today’s world, sustained attention may be a superpower! We are pulled in all directions, half-attending to everything … Continue reading Look! Something shiny!

Surf the wave

When it comes to dieting reducing your calories through reducing portion sizes, or omitting a snack or meal (to create an energy deficit; the only way fat loss will occur!) is an easy way to achieve this. Yet there will be something to consider during your dieting periods. Hunger!Along with emotional eating and boredom, hunger … Continue reading Surf the wave

Confirmation danger

I’m going to talk to you about Dave. Following the decadence that is this time of year Dave has been considering doing something to get in better shape in the new year. As part of his new health and fitness drive Dave wants to lose a few pounds. So he makes a decision to try … Continue reading Confirmation danger

Emotional freedom

Picture this situation, you are driving home from work after a great day and your favourite song comes on the radio. It’s been a fantastic day and your spirits are high, so what do you do? You do what any reasonable person would do in this situation, you start singing. A little bit of head … Continue reading Emotional freedom

Your recovery Rockstar

Did you know that getting adequate and good quality sleep has a significant impact on hormone balance and muscle protein synthesis. Outside of muscle growth, sleep deprivation has also been directly linked to an increase in appetite and as a result an increase in body fat. Because when you are not getting enough quality sleep hormones … Continue reading Your recovery Rockstar

Dealing in absolutes

Dealing in absolutes isn’t a good idea. When we use terminology such as good or bad or ‘always’ and ‘never’ it creates a false dichotomy. Which is an informal fallacy based on a premise. That erroneously limits what options are available. The source of the fallacy lies not in an invalid form of inference but … Continue reading Dealing in absolutes


I’m going to share with you a story from when I was working in a Health Club. I was delivering a seminar and afterwards a couple came to speak to me. They told me they had tried every fad diet and product that I had slammed in my talk. And they still were struggling with … Continue reading Peanuts

The blame game

The big mindset switch for me, the thing that has helped me the most, was from when I was studying psychology. It was something that resonated with me and has been so important in my perspective of life. Thinking about it today it’s almost like a secret that I’m so glad came to hear about. … Continue reading The blame game

Baptism of fire

I remember when I first started in a Health Club many years ago and I had a consultation with a new client. When I asked him about his goals I was a little taken back by what happened next. He went to his bag and out from it he pulled a copy of Men’s Health magazine. … Continue reading Baptism of fire

Sleep revenge!

You don’t need me to convince you of the benefits of sleep and I’m sure you’ve heard about them: Boosting your immune system. Help prevent weight gain. Sleep can strengthen your heart. Better sleep = better mood. Sleeping can increase productivity. Sleep can increase exercise performance. Sleep improves memory. But getting the hours of sleep … Continue reading Sleep revenge!

Danger on the climb down

I read a fascinating article yesterday about mountain climbers. It was the Headline that caught my attention; Mount Everest record-holder says — ‘it’s the trek down that kills people!‘ Veteran Everest climber Kami Rita Sherpa — (who holds the world record for Everest summits with 24 to his name). Said all Everest climbers should focus … Continue reading Danger on the climb down

Cholesterol – The Silent Killer

Cholesterol is often dubbed the silent killer because it doesn’t manifest itself through symptoms or a person’s physical appearance. It only get’s talked about when you hear about a co worker who keeled over on the treadmill at the gym or on his driveway cleaning his car. Which may get you to thinking ‘how do I … Continue reading Cholesterol – The Silent Killer

Fear of failure

Have you ever avoided something because you are scared of failing?Of course you have. This fear of failure is something we pick up in adolescence or adulthood. It protects our ego. Think about it, what do we tell our kid’s when they come to us and tell us that something doesn’t work? We tell them … Continue reading Fear of failure