The Performance Project


If you’re looking to take your confidence, energy and productivity to the next level you’ve come to the right place. It’s my job to design a strategy that will see you perform at your best.

As part of The Performance Project, you’ll get weekly one-to-one coaching plus access to me between sessions. You’ll be provided with a bespoke program plus learning resources and an online course.

You’ll get better results for less time and effort by having an expert take care of all the complicated stuff.



When you have good mental and cognitive recovery you can be creative, resourceful, and thoughtful. You can choose actions wisely that are in line with our goals. You can learn and adapt and achieve more! Resulting in you being more energised, focused, intentional and motivated.


The most effective exercise program to fit in with your lifestyle will see you spending less time in the gym. You’ll have an improved physique and better cardiovascular and muscular strength. Plus unshakeable confidence from looking and feeling great.


One of the things that drains more energy from your body than anything else is digestion, knowing how to eat in a way that will maximise your energy levels can make a major change in the quality of your life. The Body Fuel Formula will show you how to improve performance with physical and mental tasks plus reach your ideal physique goal. Plus the option to have your nutrition done for you.


You’ll experience improved sleep quality resulting in a rise in your output, performance and momentum. You’ll have focused attention, emotional balance and rational thinking. Giving you drive and clarity, enabling you to make better decisions.


It’s one thing getting results but how about keeping them? With The Sustain System, you’ll know exactly what to do going forward to sustain the results you’ve achieved.

“Andrew’s approach and methods are very logical and scientific which led to very little change in lifestyle but clear results that are both sustainable and easy to implement.”

Property Investor

“The accountability ensures that I stick to the plan, it really kept me in check. I was motivated to reach my goals and was supported with the right knowledge and experience along the way.”

“Andrew is by far the best and most personable coach I ever had. He is very knowledgeable and doesn’t hesitate to talk through the details of why something is wrong. I learned so much from him and I am now a better, healthier version of me.”

Dr. Alex
Senior Systems Engineer

“Andy has probably been the single best investment in myself I have ever made, and I include my master’s and PhD in that. He has an infectious, seemingly permanent good mood, polite and approachable manner.”

“Andrew gives you all the education and tools to make you autonomous and achieve your goals. He puts you in the driver’s seat and will make you win.”

“Andrew’s method simplifies the science behind transforming your mental and physical wellbeing. Thanks to his program I’m now in the best shape of my life.”